13 Fun Health Tips for Women

If I ask what is the key to a healthy body and soul? The answers will be more or less similar like – eat healthy, sleep better, do exercise etc. Even if anyone wants to follow the rules to ensure a better health, surely boredom and monotonous activities will do the reverse actually. It is always a good habit to hug the changes in everyday life. Bring some twists with these following fun tips and maintain a happy-health.

Fun Workout Tips for Women

1. Try some cardio

Don’t limit yourself only within walking, yoga only. Cardios are a fun way to play while exercising. Cardio workouts include running, jogging, swimming, cycling etc. Try to perform any of these activities every day. You can run for 15 minutes or swim for 10 minutes. They both are equally effective to keep you healthy.

2. Don’t overdo

Start your workouts slowly. Don’t ever think of overdoing anything. It will become a constraint to your fitness. Try running for 10 minutes in the beginning. If you are a newbie, slowly increase the amount of exercising.

3. Stick to The Schedule

Making a routine or sticking to a schedule will help you to complete your workout session every day at the right time. Besides, sticking to the schedule can also help you to regulate your other routines nd activities of the day.

4. Enjoy It

Don’t be systematic; try to enjoy your every workout session. Feeling lonely? Try to make some friends at the gym or make some schedule to go to the gym with your buddies. Tune in your favorite songs on your iPod and start running on treadmills. Listening to your favorite music while jogging or running is really helpful to make every running session fun and enjoyable.

5. Do it yourself

Missing working out at the gym? Do your household chores instead. Cleaning the living room, emptying the trash, cleaning the lawn etc. also considered as a great way of working out . Try to use stairs instead of lift. Avoid taxi or bus if you are going to a short distant place.

6. Look for professional trainers

If you are a newbie, do not start heavy workouts without proper knowledge. Seek for a professional trainer to understand your working out session better. Wrong exercise and overdoing can do the reverse only.

7. Relax a Bit

While working out, your motivation should always be to push your limits. But while doing this do not overlook relaxing. Take breaks frequently while working out. To see the results, you will have to patient.

Fun Diet Tips for Women

8. Stay hydrated Drink a lot of water in order to stay hydrated. It will also ease your hunger. Drink more water than usual when you are exercising. Dehydrated body can welcome other long term health problems. Besides, proper hydration ensures a healthy skin too.

9. Eat Well

Find the right food for your diet. Always keep the nutritious foods in your everyday meal. Include iron rich foods, vitamins and minerals more and more. Don’t eat ice cream or other heavy foods at before going bed. Always keep a variety in your everyday diet.

10. Only eat when you are hungry

You really need to stop emotional eating. Eating when you are angry, stressed or sad is called emotional eating. Always eat when you really feel hungry.

11. Don’t skip breakfast

After a 8 to 10 hours sleep, our body becomes weak in the morning. So the first thing we all should do is to ensure a healthy breakfast. Fuel up your body by eating fiber and protein enriched breakfast every morning. To lose weight never skip your breakfast. Not eating breakfast will kill your body’s ability to burn calories.

12. Eat More Than Thrice a Day

Eat a small amount of food, but try eating it for several times a day instead of eating only 3 times. Having small portions of meal for several times will keep the metabolism rate faster and do not let us feel starved.

13. Some No-Nos

Avoid salt, chocolate, ice cream, cookies, grilled food and oil. These increases the fat in our body and also causes problems like obesity, high blood pressure etc.